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  • Special Screening of  "Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts"
  • The Dementia Whisperer
  • Golf Tournament - Sponsorships Available
  • Upcoming Events
  • What is "Happenings!"

Special Screening of  "Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts"
The Alzheimer's Aid Society will be hosting a screening of "Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts" on Tuesday, April 4 at 10:30 am at our offices.   With power and passion, this documentary weaves together expert commentary with compelling personal stories filmed around the country that represent previews of the future happening today.  Everyone is welcome but space is limited.  Please contact the Alzheimer's Aid Society office if you are planning to attend.  There is no charge for this event. 

Many know the unique tragedy of this disease, but few know that Alzheimer’s is one of the most critical public health crises facing America. This powerful documentary illuminates the social and economic consequences for the country unless a medical breakthrough is discovered for this currently incurable disease. 

There are now over five million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the growing number of aging baby boomers, and the fact that the onset of Alzheimer’s is primarily age-related, the number of Americans with Alzheimer’s is projected to rise by 55% by 2030, and by 2050 the Alzheimer’s Association estimates the total number could explode to nearly 14 million. 

This “tsunami” of Alzheimer’s will not only be a profound human tragedy, but an overwhelming economic one as well. Due to the length of time people live with the illness and need care, it’s the most expensive medical condition in the U.S.  Future costs for Alzheimer’s threaten to bankrupt Medicare, Medicaid, and the life savings of millions of Americans. It is estimated that if the number of patients triples as projected in the years ahead, the costs to care for them will exceed $1.1 trillion.  

The Dementia Whisperer
The Dementia Whisperer on Tuesday, April 25th from 4:30 - 6:30 pm.  This is a FREE presentation by Laura Wayman, an expert in dementia communications and care. Learn top tools to better understand the world through the eyes of those with dementia. Laura is a licensed gerontologist and author of "A Loving Approach to Dementia Care".  Presented by Aegis Living of Carmichael, 4050 Walnut Ave, Carmichael.

Golf Tournament - Sponsorships Available
The 14th Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for Friday, September 15, 2017 at Teal Bend Golf Club.  Want your organization recognized at the Tournament?  Sponsorships are now available!  Get together with your friends and plan for a great day!  Register your foursome TODAY!!  We will also display your logo on our website!!

Upcoming Events 
  • April 4 at 10:30 a.m. - Special Screening of "Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts" at the Alzheimer's Aid Society offices. 
  • April 20 at 2:00 p.m. - Alzheimer's Café in Woodland at St. John's Retirement Village, 135 Woodland Avenue, Woodland.  Call (530) 662-1290 to confirm.
  • April 21 at 10:30 a.m.Alzheimer's Café in the Sacramento Rosemont area at Golden Pond Senior Living, 3415 Mayhew Road, Sacramento. 
  • April 25 at 4:30 p.m. - The Dementia Whisperer at Aegis Living of Carmichael
  • September 15 - Annual Golf Tournament at Teal Bend Golf Course
What is "Happenings!"
"Happenings!" is the our monthly e-mail newsletter for the Alzheimer's Aid Society.  We send it at the beginning of the month so you can stay up-to-date on events and news in northern California.  We will also include tips for caregivers and highlight new scientific research.  Recent issues are available on our website.  Do you have a comment or feedback?  Please reply to this message - we would love to hear from you. 
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